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2013 Statistics
Super late, but here's what I did!

Number of fics: 21
Number of doodles/fanart: 6 (for simplicity's sake, 6 is somewhat accurate. 1 of those 6 is a "doodle dump" which actually contains a number of sketches, but we're splitting hairs.)
Collective word count: 97,021 (WAIT WHAT????!!!! HOW. WAIT. WHAT?)
Shortest word count: Physics 101 (380) (for simplicity's sake. There's probably/possibly a shorter one in my drabble dump. This should probably be in there too, but oh well.)
Longest word count: Code Decay (23,086)

(These breakdowns are frustratingly difficult to pin. Some gen fics are queerplatonic-ish, and I don't know how to classify them. Also note that the two drabble compilations (art and fic) have been excluded from this count.)
Gen: 15
Slash: 2
Het: 0 (loooool)
Femslash: 2
Poly/bi/pan/other: 6

By Fandom: *coughs* All Person of Interest. Which I feel is a bit telling. 

Most popular story: Blackout. This kinda surprises me, as it was my first foray into multi-chaptered fic since the not-talked-about-times of FF.net which mostly existed to be burned in hellfire. I thought, as I posted more, it would be overtaken in popularity. 

Best story: Oh god. In the most subjective sense possible I'm going to go with Code Decay, in that I feel I learned the most from it, that I'm proud of it for a number of reasons, and that it crushed my soul the most to write. 

Most fun to write: Field Support was my first foray into femslash proper, and even this is a bit...tame. But Root and Shaw are just a joy to write. I need to write more of them. And more of Zoe, too. The second place for this was A Lede Expose, which I wrote as a response to a tumblr prompt and am still pleased about. 

Hardest to write: Tough question. So many fic were difficult in different ways. Code Decay broke me, a little, and was emotionally rough to write. But hardest to actually make, craft wise, was Awaiting Some Return. That bastard went through a half dozen completely different re-writes. And I do mean completely different. I still have a hair brained idea to do a sequel. 

Easiest to write
: Rattlesnake Breaths. Maybe it was something about writing from the id and writing exactly what I needed at that point in time. 

"Holy crap that's wrong, even for you" : *coughs* Hunger Pains

Biggest disappointment: In some ways, I'm still not happy about Awaiting Some Return. Maybe it was because it lived for so long in my mind and through so many drafts, but I do feel that in my need to birth it, I might have short changed it. I just wanted so much from it. 

Biggest surprise: Kick the Generator, by far. This is when I tasted the possibilities that AUs bring, I think, and when it started going downhill (uphill?) in terms of what I wanted from characters on the page versus on the screen. Ie, Shaw/Grace. That took me from left field, and I'm still happy that it did. It wasn't easy to write, by far, and it was also the first fic where I had a super fab relationship with a beta, and by god, if that didn't help solve so many problems. 

What's next for 2014: I'm going to finish the time travel fic (System Restore) if it kills me. And then I have a few wishy washy plans for more POI fic. But I also have a quickly-growing plan to write an Age of Sail Star Trek: Voyager AU with Tom Paris and Tuvok both being ladies and Seven being a siren. So ... you know. That might happen. But I don't know. I never seem to know. XD That's part of the writing process for me. Throw words in the air and see what lands.


There were more questions in the meme, but I thought this was enough. If anyone wants to know anything, let me know. :)
This was my first and really only year being so crazy in fandom. It's a new feeling, and looking at that word count, an incredibly shocking one. I really had no idea I'd written that much. o_O; At all. Like, I knew I wrote a few things, but wow. Whops? 

Links to all my shiz on AO3 

Date: 2014-02-01 05:38 pm (UTC)
hedda62: my cat asleep (Default)
From: [personal profile] hedda62
Person of Interest will do that to you, is all I can say. And yay, nice summary, and now I want to go read them all again. :)

Date: 2014-02-12 04:23 am (UTC)
spatz: Reese smiling with camera (Reese happy lurker)
From: [personal profile] spatz
Whoah, that is a terribly sexy wordcount. *highfives* The power of POI compels you!


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