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Code Decay

Summary: Nathan lays back on the bed, Harold’s bed, the bed that possibly started all of this. He’d washed the sheets for him since, but he imagines he can still smell sex. “I always wanted to be a dad, you know.”

A slow page turn and an even slower turn of the head. “You’re getting ahead of yourself. There may not even be a baby. Olivia must be very early in her first trimester, and the level of error is not insignificant in—”

“Harold, just shut up.” Nathan throws a pillow at his head.

(Or, it’s 1983 at MIT and things aren’t simpler at all. Poly Harold/Nathan/Olivia and the years of Will Ingram’s conception, birth, and babyhood.)


Although I got a neat graphic (linked in the AO3) I still went ahead and drew myself an illustration. For reasons.

This fic is one that grew. It became surprisingly important to me. I hope people enjoy it. I'm glad to finally be able to share it.



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Today's fic for the 10 in 10 challenge is a short drabble while I try and pull together my big bang, but it was fun to write. I blame Cortue, because she's now forever burned the desire for lady!AUs into me. Maybe someday it'll be a part of something bigger, but probably not. 

Carla Elias stands in front of her father and says, “he needed to be taught respect.”
260 words
Canon levels of violence.

Unrelated: the reality of the big bang deadline is settling in. I'm sitting pretty for it, and mostly I'm excited to finally be posting this sucker soon. There's still some tinkering work to be done (@__@) but I'm getting there. I'm not used to holding on to a fic like this for so long. It'll be very good to have it out there and done with. 
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I've got two big (by my standards) POI fic going at the same time here. It's possibly foolish, but it's helped with the painful "must post" impatience to be able to flip over to the other. 

POI Big Bang Fic (Yellow Painted Room? 1983? Titles are harddd.)
22,500 words.
This one is really mostly finished, but I need to tighten the seams like wow and maybe chuck in one more scene for good measure.
But oh god this fic ended up being. Like. Really important to me. I hope people like it when it goes up on the 15th.

The Will & Grace Fic (or, the Dead Harold fic. Titles are seriously the worst thing ever.)
3,700 words.
Ug. This fic. This is the ... 7th? time I've completely scrapped and started this one fresh? But it's finally working I think. I still have a long way to go on this one. I don't know how long it will end up being. 
Just have to keep plugging at this point, and keep flooding it with all the feelings in the world. Which isn't hard since I have all those feelings in spades. 

Yup! That's the update. @_@ Just gotta keep on keeping on and chucking words until they stick. 
Man, when I finally post either of these I'm gonna have a drink.


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