10 in 10!

Sep. 18th, 2013 09:56 pm
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so.... o___o

Day  7: My big bang fic

Day 8: Burned (PG-13)(Kara Stanton, post Dead Reckoning drabble) 

Day 9: Tracking Devices (Teen)(Finch and Reese exchange tracking devices. Because that's how love works, right?) 

Day 10: Lunchboxes in May (PG)(Grace and Harold and John and Leila, 4 years down the line).
“Kindergarten is only half days, sunshine. You’ll still be eating lunch at home with Grace and Harold,” he said. From on top of his shoulders Leila squirmed. She was growing fast for her age and sprouting like a beanpole, all legs and arms constantly in motion around a little frog belly.

.... I guess I managed to do the 10 in 10 challenge! 
orockthro: George with glasses and "NERD" written on her forehead (Default)
Today's fic for the 10 in 10 challenge is a short drabble while I try and pull together my big bang, but it was fun to write. I blame Cortue, because she's now forever burned the desire for lady!AUs into me. Maybe someday it'll be a part of something bigger, but probably not. 

Carla Elias stands in front of her father and says, “he needed to be taught respect.”
260 words
Canon levels of violence.

Unrelated: the reality of the big bang deadline is settling in. I'm sitting pretty for it, and mostly I'm excited to finally be posting this sucker soon. There's still some tinkering work to be done (@__@) but I'm getting there. I'm not used to holding on to a fic like this for so long. It'll be very good to have it out there and done with. 


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