Jun. 11th, 2017 07:55 am
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So I still don't know many people here over in dreamwidth land. But I want to. I miss the community aspect of fandom. I miss actually having conversations. 
My problem is that I'm not really *in* a particular fandom at all. It happens, and it's not the first time, but it makes finding community harder. 

Thoughts I've Had This Week:
How interesting it is to watch the 'death' of traditional lesbian culture, and feel like I should be mourning... but not that I am. There are aspects of 'traditional lesbian culture' that I never did and never will fit in with. I'm asexual, so that community was not set up with the narrative that fit with me. And very often those spaces were transphobic in ways I cannot in any way condone. But still, the loss of female-specific spaces (lesbian bars, etc.) is... sad. I hope there's a resurgence. It makes me appreciate WisCon every year so very much.

Books I've Read This Week:
I finished "Moon Over Soho" by Ben Aaronovitch, and am now on the 3rd of the series, "Whispers Under Ground." 
I'm enjoying the world quite a lot, and am feeling fannish flutters (I mayyyy have read a bunch of fic and spoiled myself *coughs*) But the plots are sometimes sorta 'meh.' I'm not really into Peter Grant's male gaze very much, although it at least does feel controlled by authorial intent and not just 'a thing that happens.' And I have to admit that, at least at this point in the series, his interest in Beverly Brook weirds me out. She's mentioned to be a teenager, and while it's clear that means high-age teens (18 or 19 I'd guess) that's still pretty young. :/ The whole 'magical creatures generate a glamour that makes people lust for them' trope is getting old. 
But, that said, I do really enjoy the world, and most of the characters, and Peter's POV is super fun.

Things I've Watched This Week:
My roommate and I watched "A League of Their Own" last night. It was odd. I guess enjoyable? It's about the first women's baseball league in World War II when all the fellas were sent off to war. They wore skirts, and had to be coached by a very drunk (and young!) Tom Hanks. Ostensibly, it's based in reality, and there's an actual documentary about this period in time with the same title. I think I would have rather watched that instead.
It was very 1992. I don't have a lot of opinions, except that sexism in 1992 was clearly not solved yet either.


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