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 I have a DW. I keep forgetting. :) 
This is a quick post to remind myself of the existence of this corner of the internet, and a prompt to myself to figure out how best to use it. 

I've fallen off of Tumblr, and my phone isn't quick enough to handle Twitter. So I'm currently quite bereft. Maybe DW is the thing I've been missing. 

Things I'm doing:
  • Finishing up a 6K ish Man from UNCLE and POB Aubreyad fusion fic that approximately 4 people will ever read. Heh!
  • Making my first sourdough bread loaf after nursing along a starter for two weeks
  • Drinking a beer
  • Smiling at my very cute cat
  • Watching my housemate play videogames.
Things are good and well.

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2013 Statistics
Super late, but here's what I did!

Number of fics: 21
Number of doodles/fanart: 6 (for simplicity's sake, 6 is somewhat accurate. 1 of those 6 is a "doodle dump" which actually contains a number of sketches, but we're splitting hairs.)
Collective word count: 97,021 (WAIT WHAT????!!!! HOW. WAIT. WHAT?)
Shortest word count: Physics 101 (380) (for simplicity's sake. There's probably/possibly a shorter one in my drabble dump. This should probably be in there too, but oh well.)
Longest word count: Code Decay (23,086)

(These breakdowns are frustratingly difficult to pin. Some gen fics are queerplatonic-ish, and I don't know how to classify them. Also note that the two drabble compilations (art and fic) have been excluded from this count.)
Gen: 15
Slash: 2
Het: 0 (loooool)
Femslash: 2
Poly/bi/pan/other: 6

By Fandom: *coughs* All Person of Interest. Which I feel is a bit telling. 

Most popular story: Blackout. This kinda surprises me, as it was my first foray into multi-chaptered fic since the not-talked-about-times of FF.net which mostly existed to be burned in hellfire. I thought, as I posted more, it would be overtaken in popularity. 

Best story: Oh god. In the most subjective sense possible I'm going to go with Code Decay, in that I feel I learned the most from it, that I'm proud of it for a number of reasons, and that it crushed my soul the most to write. 

Most fun to write: Field Support was my first foray into femslash proper, and even this is a bit...tame. But Root and Shaw are just a joy to write. I need to write more of them. And more of Zoe, too. The second place for this was A Lede Expose, which I wrote as a response to a tumblr prompt and am still pleased about. 

Hardest to write: Tough question. So many fic were difficult in different ways. Code Decay broke me, a little, and was emotionally rough to write. But hardest to actually make, craft wise, was Awaiting Some Return. That bastard went through a half dozen completely different re-writes. And I do mean completely different. I still have a hair brained idea to do a sequel. 

Easiest to write
: Rattlesnake Breaths. Maybe it was something about writing from the id and writing exactly what I needed at that point in time. 

"Holy crap that's wrong, even for you" : *coughs* Hunger Pains

Biggest disappointment: In some ways, I'm still not happy about Awaiting Some Return. Maybe it was because it lived for so long in my mind and through so many drafts, but I do feel that in my need to birth it, I might have short changed it. I just wanted so much from it. 

Biggest surprise: Kick the Generator, by far. This is when I tasted the possibilities that AUs bring, I think, and when it started going downhill (uphill?) in terms of what I wanted from characters on the page versus on the screen. Ie, Shaw/Grace. That took me from left field, and I'm still happy that it did. It wasn't easy to write, by far, and it was also the first fic where I had a super fab relationship with a beta, and by god, if that didn't help solve so many problems. 

What's next for 2014: I'm going to finish the time travel fic (System Restore) if it kills me. And then I have a few wishy washy plans for more POI fic. But I also have a quickly-growing plan to write an Age of Sail Star Trek: Voyager AU with Tom Paris and Tuvok both being ladies and Seven being a siren. So ... you know. That might happen. But I don't know. I never seem to know. XD That's part of the writing process for me. Throw words in the air and see what lands.


There were more questions in the meme, but I thought this was enough. If anyone wants to know anything, let me know. :)
This was my first and really only year being so crazy in fandom. It's a new feeling, and looking at that word count, an incredibly shocking one. I really had no idea I'd written that much. o_O; At all. Like, I knew I wrote a few things, but wow. Whops? 

Links to all my shiz on AO3 

10 in 10!

Sep. 18th, 2013 09:56 pm
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so.... o___o

Day  7: My big bang fic

Day 8: Burned (PG-13)(Kara Stanton, post Dead Reckoning drabble) 

Day 9: Tracking Devices (Teen)(Finch and Reese exchange tracking devices. Because that's how love works, right?) 

Day 10: Lunchboxes in May (PG)(Grace and Harold and John and Leila, 4 years down the line).
“Kindergarten is only half days, sunshine. You’ll still be eating lunch at home with Grace and Harold,” he said. From on top of his shoulders Leila squirmed. She was growing fast for her age and sprouting like a beanpole, all legs and arms constantly in motion around a little frog belly.

.... I guess I managed to do the 10 in 10 challenge! 
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Code Decay

Summary: Nathan lays back on the bed, Harold’s bed, the bed that possibly started all of this. He’d washed the sheets for him since, but he imagines he can still smell sex. “I always wanted to be a dad, you know.”

A slow page turn and an even slower turn of the head. “You’re getting ahead of yourself. There may not even be a baby. Olivia must be very early in her first trimester, and the level of error is not insignificant in—”

“Harold, just shut up.” Nathan throws a pillow at his head.

(Or, it’s 1983 at MIT and things aren’t simpler at all. Poly Harold/Nathan/Olivia and the years of Will Ingram’s conception, birth, and babyhood.)


Although I got a neat graphic (linked in the AO3) I still went ahead and drew myself an illustration. For reasons.

This fic is one that grew. It became surprisingly important to me. I hope people enjoy it. I'm glad to finally be able to share it.



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I'm still rolling out fic for the 10 in 10 challenge! Having to basically tell my internal editor to put up or shut up has been a little strange. But it's good, I think, to a) force out some WIPS and b) force out some drabbles that might not have gotten written otherwise.

Day 4: Like a Ghost in my Mind  (Shaw makes things right. And by right, I mean she breaks Nathan Ingram out of captivity) (Teen) (1,800 words)
"Back before everything fell apart, Cole used to say, “Look, the guy they’ve got down there? That’s not right, Shaw. I don’t think they let him out. Ever,” every time Research adjusted their intel. Because it wasn’t quite as simple as just getting a place, a person, a target, and then sending them in to raze the place. Sometimes Control would run it through their man downstairs, and sometimes the target would change."

Day 5: She Names Him (Kara ficlett! Dude she's a hoot to write.) (PG-13) (200 words)
“Get dressed,” she tells him once she’s come and he’s spent and laying on the dead stranger’s sofa. “We have a flight to catch.”

Nothing like writing some Kara Stanton to make a rough/stressful day/week at work float away.... ;)

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 I'm THREE FOR THREE on the 10 in 10 challenge! 


But seriously, I'm finding things in my WIP folder I had completely forgotten about. It's a good thing to do, like cleaning out the fridge. Only I was a little nutso on the timing of it. But anyhow, I tidied up a fic and got it out, and I'm calling it a success. It might have just molded in a google doc folder for another four months if I hadn't. 

A Line in the Sand
Rating: Teen
Words: 2,700

And now to eat. Eating is good. XD
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Today's fic for the 10 in 10 challenge is a short drabble while I try and pull together my big bang, but it was fun to write. I blame Cortue, because she's now forever burned the desire for lady!AUs into me. Maybe someday it'll be a part of something bigger, but probably not. 

Carla Elias stands in front of her father and says, “he needed to be taught respect.”
260 words
Canon levels of violence.

Unrelated: the reality of the big bang deadline is settling in. I'm sitting pretty for it, and mostly I'm excited to finally be posting this sucker soon. There's still some tinkering work to be done (@__@) but I'm getting there. I'm not used to holding on to a fic like this for so long. It'll be very good to have it out there and done with. 
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Sooooo against my better judgement, I decided to go for Astolat's 10 in 10 challenge. XD Foolish, possibly, but also a good way to chew through some of my WIP folder and maybe get some stuff out.

So here's today's fic

The Strength That I Lack
1,400 words
Rating: Teen


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 Although I did get 400 words or so put towards the Will Ingram and Grace Hendricks fic that's been clawing at me, I accidentally on purpose wrote a very self indulgent fill from a prompt on the kink meme and it's mostly [personal profile] sarcasticsra 's fault that it became an an actual thing. Yup. I'm still content to blame her entirely. I mean, she's a very good bad influence, let's just say that.

Rattlesnake Breaths (links to AO3) 

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I've got two big (by my standards) POI fic going at the same time here. It's possibly foolish, but it's helped with the painful "must post" impatience to be able to flip over to the other. 

POI Big Bang Fic (Yellow Painted Room? 1983? Titles are harddd.)
22,500 words.
This one is really mostly finished, but I need to tighten the seams like wow and maybe chuck in one more scene for good measure.
But oh god this fic ended up being. Like. Really important to me. I hope people like it when it goes up on the 15th.

The Will & Grace Fic (or, the Dead Harold fic. Titles are seriously the worst thing ever.)
3,700 words.
Ug. This fic. This is the ... 7th? time I've completely scrapped and started this one fresh? But it's finally working I think. I still have a long way to go on this one. I don't know how long it will end up being. 
Just have to keep plugging at this point, and keep flooding it with all the feelings in the world. Which isn't hard since I have all those feelings in spades. 

Yup! That's the update. @_@ Just gotta keep on keeping on and chucking words until they stick. 
Man, when I finally post either of these I'm gonna have a drink.
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 Today, partially inspired by a half dozen people, I bought a little timer to force myself to be productive. I remember in elementary school my mom bought me a sports timer on a string and looped it around my neck. Here's hoping this has the same effect (50% angry frustration and hair pulling, 50% actually doing shit).

Also today I walked to get the mail at work and for the first time was actually glad I wore the hard hat and safety vest, as the mailbox today was wedged between two cement trucks and a backhoe. Finding the mailbox has been a bit of a game lately, as the construction workers move it as they re-do the curb. XD 

That's mah life.
Man, I've kinda forgotten how to blog.

Now to set this timer and write some POI fic. Yessss. I will get this fic. I will. 


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