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I've been such a bad dreamwidth/livejournal person lately.  /o\  I've been doing an awesome job actually updating my art blog, but I've fallen behind on just about everything else. *sighs*

But in fandom news, my fic has been posted over on xover_exchange on livejournal! 

Created for jedibuttercup:

Title: When Atlantis Rings
Fandoms: Narnia/Stargate Atlantis
Characters Rodney McKay, John Sheppard; Susan Pevensie
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,660
Spoilers: Through the end of the Narnia books, no spoilers for SGA
Warnings: Slight religious subtext
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis and Narnia belong to their respective creators
A/N: Strongly inspired by Neil Gaiman's short story "The Problem of Susan" in his collection Fragile Things.

Summary: Susan is old when the news beaks that governments had been sending people to other worlds. She isn't surprised when she hears a knock at her door.
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Because apparently posting a lot is what I do now.
BUT I've decided to start reccing fics that simply need to be shared. :) This will be a Saturday thing as (surprise!) today is Saturday. :D

So let's start this off with some good stuff!



The Not Your Teaching Tool Job by BlackEyedGirl
Summary: "Parker doesn't understand why it has to be more complicated than: "I want to be with you, I just don't want to sleep with you." It's everyone else who has the problem. (Parker as a biromantic asexual)"
Why this fic is worth your time: Because this is asexuality in a nut shell and in well-written Leverage form.  This fic just makes me warm and fuzzy inside every time I read it.  It gets a little repetitive in its message, but that only mirrors the way people actually react to the concept of asexuality.  It's wonderful to see asexuality presented in fandom and the fact that it's a well written fic only makes it more lovely.


Ray of Smoke by Tassos
: "Future fic AU after Fractures. Cycles in the future in the midst of war, Moya stumbles across Earth where awaits politics, paranoia, and a decision that will tear John apart."
Why this fic is worth your time
: Basically everything by Tassos is amazing and deep and gives me shivers, but this fic in particular is well worth your time.  I have a true week spot for outside povs and fics that deal with the harsh reality of the world they are set in, and this fic does all of that.  Earth is not the romanticized haven John remembers, and it's heartbreaking.  Plus, the John + Aeryn + children relationships are just wonderful.  Read this. Warning, it is epic (in length and in content) but well worth it.

Doctor Who/Narnia Crossover
(Yes, you read that right, don't stop reading yet.)

From a World More Full of Weeping by Azar
Summary: "Two people meet who have nothing in common…except a world of loss."
Why this fic is worth your time: The summary doesn't do it justice. This fic is the fix-it that Narnia needs, because (damnit!) Susan just wasn't treated right and it bothers me.  This fic is short and sweet and will make you glow.  And you know it totally happened.  >__> Yup.


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