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Finished it! It will also be posted with the next installment of Sarcasticsra's fic.
Poly make-outs are the best way to start drawing smut, right? I leapfrogged right over the easy two-people option. lol!
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Happy too-early-on-a-god-damned Monday!
Here, have a WIP while I drink my coffee.  Reese/Finch/Grace, all Sarcasticsra's fault....
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Code Decay

Summary: Nathan lays back on the bed, Harold’s bed, the bed that possibly started all of this. He’d washed the sheets for him since, but he imagines he can still smell sex. “I always wanted to be a dad, you know.”

A slow page turn and an even slower turn of the head. “You’re getting ahead of yourself. There may not even be a baby. Olivia must be very early in her first trimester, and the level of error is not insignificant in—”

“Harold, just shut up.” Nathan throws a pillow at his head.

(Or, it’s 1983 at MIT and things aren’t simpler at all. Poly Harold/Nathan/Olivia and the years of Will Ingram’s conception, birth, and babyhood.)


Although I got a neat graphic (linked in the AO3) I still went ahead and drew myself an illustration. For reasons.

This fic is one that grew. It became surprisingly important to me. I hope people enjoy it. I'm glad to finally be able to share it.



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Pendrecarc put together a great Shaw rec list the other day (go read! Although, full disclosure, I'm on the list) and I thought maybe I'd try and put together a rec list too.

The fic that I'm currently writing (and almost. done. with.) ended up being poly, but I adored poly relationships before starting to write it. So here's a very small rec list of POI fic that have poly relationships. I'm hoping this is just the start.

Hedda62: "Phoenix"
"The seed had germinated in Finch's mind, and had been growing since into a strong but twisted plan of action. Certainly he'd had it all thought out when he took down the volume again and slapped it on the desk in front of John.

"Cyrano de Bergerac," he'd said. "English translation. You should read it," and then he'd walked away."
(Notes: Classic Poly fic where Finch sends Reese to date Grace... and then things progress as they usually don't. :) Love, love, love.)

Hedda62: "Halcyon" 

"They spoke randomly, as if nothing had changed, but of course their life together had never been immutable or stable; today's alteration sang in a different key, louder and with wilder harmonies, but it was the same old tune. He could hum it in his sleep: the ballad of Harold and John and the walls tumbling down.

John, Harold and Grace try to make things work. Sequel to Phoenix (which those who wish to avoid confusion should read first)."
(Notes: In which there is resolution and even more poly and even more amazing.)

Astolat: "Employment Benefits"
"It happened the first time, if Shaw was completely honest, because Reese was a dick."

(Notes: Shaw/Finch, Finch/Reese, Finch/Reese/Shaw. All with a great big pile of plot in the middle. Fabulous.)

Am I missing a great one? Let me know! :D Moar poly fic is my life goal.


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