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So, life.
I've been busy as a bee back at college, home from Ireland, feeling rather... out of place and exactly in the right place all at once.  It's a strange feeling that I don't quite know how to explain. 

One of the things I've been working on this semester is opening up the monsterous beast that is my November's NaNo and... pulling out the sludge and reworking the thing from top to bottom.  It's going... interestingly.  Time away from the project has opened my eyes to the numerous problems that existed in my meager plot and my less than stellar characterizations, but I'm still excited about my concept and my ideas and that is (at this point at least) enough to keep me going.  I'll post a snipit or two later on. 

It's exactly one week from spring break.  Though spring itself is much, much farther away.  ;)  I'm looking forward to a break from school - I'm feeling.. burnt out, tired, and just sick of the "daily grind," as [personal profile] carnivorousgiraffe called it.  I'm hoping a break, being home, and sitting on my ass (without guilt) for awhile. 

Overall, tired is a good way to explain my life right now.

But that's alright.  Life is full of cycles, and tired is just one of them.  I'm looking forward to being excited about things once more, and I'm hopeful that will come soon enough.


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