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 *Brushes dust off*
So..... I've neglected this poor sad little DW. But I'm still here! 

Person of Interest has gotten me pretty good in the fandom sweet spot, and I've written more for it than... any other fandom. My AO3 is pretty up to date now. 
I also actively use tumblr for POI (username Orockthro) but... I was kinda missing the talking/community/actually getting to know people bit that tumblr is not the best at. I found some great people there, but then it's always a struggle to find ways to communicate with them off of tumblr.

SO I'm trying DW again. :)

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So my housemate moved out today and my duplex is mine.
That sound?
That's me cackling with joy.

Excuse me while I dance around the kitchen (THAT IS ALL MINE) and drag my desk into the spare room (THAT IS ALL MINE). 
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Friday in cubicle-land has brought a startling realization: I have two weeks of work left and only one more week with my boss, as he's attending a big-shot conference out of state. 

I assumed this would make me happy.  Last summer I was miserable and I only had 15 hour weeks.  By the time summer ended I was itching to get the hell out of dodge and back to... well last summer it was to Ireland. This time around I'm pulling 40 hours minimum... but... I kinda like it. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to return to college, get "normal" back, and enjoy my last year of care-free education. 

I have things to do, appointments to keep (silly dentists) (even sillier hair. Why must you grow?), people to see (ahhhh ;__;), and a life to re-pack.  Next year will be wonderful (I hope) and exciting (I know) and very sad because it will be the end of something.  We will all have matured dramatically since we've seen each other last, be it through abroad adventures or summer experiences or simply quiet realizations about who we are and what we're meant to do. And it will be wonderful.

And then the FUTURE will come and shit will go down.


I don't even know what the point of this post was. XD
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I spent the fourth on vacation with my dad in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  It was lovely.  Got covered in poison ivy and managed to somehow not break out in a rash. Booya! Survived 38 river crossings on a trail that was decidedly not just on the north edge.  Spent hours upon delightful hours hunting for rocks on the side of the road with my dad while trying not to find any rattlesnakes instead.  Found a bubblegum agate, a hunk of fine rosequartz, and what (according to the local rock dude) is actually a corpolite. Nifty! Finished two good books. Proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that stuffing wet shoes with newspapers does work as a drying technique. Forgot my camera at home and instead pretended to take pictures with my mind (complete with little shutter sound). Saw a herd of buffalo on the roam and more prairie dogs than was humanly possible to count (these guys went on for miles. No joke.) Learned how to correctly operate a payphone. 

And that was my vacation.
And it was fantastic.

The book I started and finished on the trip was Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. It's young adult and delightful and riddled with illustrations. :)

I bought two books on the trip that I've started, one is the graphic novel Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory and the other is Neuromancer by William Gibson.  Neuromancer is a wild ride. It spoon feeds you its world sentence by sentence and you turn the page because you become filled with an absolute need to understand what is going on. I'm not very far in yet, but I can see why it is such an important part of the SciFi genre.   Chew is fantastic in its own weirdness, a story about a man who gets psychic readings off the things he eats (with the exception of beets)... which is great, except for the fact that he's a police officer. It takes place in an alternate, fascist world where the Bird Flu has taken an unexpected turn on the chicken industry and is a wild ride of its own right.

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Been a while since I’ve updated.

News: Bought the tablet. It is beautiful. A full post on it will come later. Maybe. I promise nothing. ;) Because I’m lazy and forgetful in equal parts.

Big News: I have a full time summer job/internship! It’s with the Army Corps of Engineers working out of their regulatory branch. In human terms, I’m interning under their archaeologist who works on permits that might impact historic and culturally significant places. 

So far I have:

·       Had to fill out a truly astonishing amount of paperwork. Truly. Astonishing. They have my fingerprints on file in at least three locations. It’s borderline terrifying.

·       Completed vast sets of mandatory training, including a 3.5 hour PowerPoint session and corresponding exam on defensive driving

·       Read through several regulation books and am slowly gleaning an understanding of what the Corps does… very slowly.  Hint: there’s lots of paperwork ;)

o      Get a permit request for construction of some sort (mine, levee, power lines etc)

o      Figure out if anything historical or archaeological is going to get trashed, get the details, notify the right people, do the right paperwork

o      Try and mitigate or keep the trashing from happening with yet more paperwork and people (and estimate a time of 6 months to 5 years to process, loaded more on the shorter end of things than the long)

·       Visited a mining site up north, floundered about the woods with a gps I don’t know how to work and a compass that points to wherever the nearest iron deposit is (usually not north), met the tribal historic preservation officer for the project along with some other cool people, and saw moose tracks and poop! :D Woo! (managed not to step in the poo or see the moose, but I did see a coyote and a number of deer!)

·       Got an army email address as well as a Corps email address, have a work phone, a swipe card to let me access the building, and a CAC card which lets me access the servers. It has my fingerprints too. They don’t mess around here. XD

Dude. I’m working for the man. And the man pays well.

Bad news of all this is I have very little free time anymore. I work a normal full time shift and suddenly I understand why regular folks are so tired all the time. It’s hard to be an adult! And I only work 40 hours a week compared to the many more of most folks. Yeiks.  I leave the house at 6:40 and return at 5:00. M-F.  Not horrible as far as real jobs go, actually.  Unfortunately, that leaves little time for friends, little time for drawing, little time for much of anything, really. Welcome to the real world, I suppose. XD It’s a bit of an eye opener and a good one.

But yeah. I suppose that’s the extent of my news for the moment.

I’m off to quickly finish up my leveragexchange fic and send that in before the tomorrow deadline. :D

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So I'm lusting quite heavily after a new drawing tablet.  In fact, if there was a stronger word than lusting, I would be using it. I want this... I want it bad...

I do have a tablet. But it is at least five years old now and my computer doesn't run its software so one of it's main features, pen sensitivity, is moot.  :/ It draws in my hand, but produces either a line... or no line... unlike this beauty below which boasts 2,000 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. I don't entirly know what that means, only that it must be amazing.

Unfortuantly, it is unbelievably expensive. And although I have a good paying job that will be starting fairly soon (I hope...) I can't quite convince myself to buy it.... I'm just so used to penny pinching! XD
I think I'll be breaking down soon, though.  We'll see.

But look! Isn't it gorgeous!?

Wacom Intuos4 Pen TabletWacom Intuos4 Pen Tablet

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So, life.
I've been busy as a bee back at college, home from Ireland, feeling rather... out of place and exactly in the right place all at once.  It's a strange feeling that I don't quite know how to explain. 

One of the things I've been working on this semester is opening up the monsterous beast that is my November's NaNo and... pulling out the sludge and reworking the thing from top to bottom.  It's going... interestingly.  Time away from the project has opened my eyes to the numerous problems that existed in my meager plot and my less than stellar characterizations, but I'm still excited about my concept and my ideas and that is (at this point at least) enough to keep me going.  I'll post a snipit or two later on. 

It's exactly one week from spring break.  Though spring itself is much, much farther away.  ;)  I'm looking forward to a break from school - I'm feeling.. burnt out, tired, and just sick of the "daily grind," as [personal profile] carnivorousgiraffe called it.  I'm hoping a break, being home, and sitting on my ass (without guilt) for awhile. 

Overall, tired is a good way to explain my life right now.

But that's alright.  Life is full of cycles, and tired is just one of them.  I'm looking forward to being excited about things once more, and I'm hopeful that will come soon enough.


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