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Well Nanowrimo this year has mostly been a flop. I'm happy to plough through words, but this idea is so amorphous still. It's a quieter story than I thought, and those take longer to pin down. 

Conveniently (or not?) I do have another POI fic that's chewing at my brain. It's a time travel fic, and I spent longer trying to unwind canon's idea of continuity than was wise.
There's an error somewhere, not that this is a huge surprise to anyone. XD Either S1's  Machine-vision screen cap that dates Ordos happening in May 2010 got ret-con'd, or Finch sent the laptop with the machine-freeing code (that spurred the mission in the first place) out into the world prior to Nathan's death in September 2010, as he implied in the S2 finale.
I'm going with the latter, which is happily convenient for this fic. ;)

And then there's the Irrelevant Exchange! Which is exciting. :3 I'm glad I signed up - it's always nice to write/draw things for people, and always nice to receive things in return too.

Despite my original stuff falling into a much slower pace than Nano would like, it looks like there will be many words in the next month.  


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