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Today is my last day of work this summer with the Army Corps of Engineers. I have to turn in my super-high-tech badge and everything. I had kinda hoped I could keep it. XD It has my fingerprints! But, for obvious reasons, I must part ways with it. 
Kind of an anticlimactic end to it all - my boss is out of town this week and my cubemate is off on vacation. So here I am, all alone, looking thorugh boxes of microfiche because nobody wants to field me a project on my last week. XD Woo!

Something cool happend, and I felt gleeful the rest of the day.  I helped someone! With my boss gone out of town I am, by sad default, the cultural expert on site. This mostly makes me giggle.  But yesterday I got to be useful! One of the project managers came to me wanting to know how to proceed on a project  because one of the maps had pinged a potential historic building in their project area.  And I got to go "oooh! You should call the SHPO office and have them send you the files for that township and range" :D  I felt important, even though it was a decidedly simple piece of advice. XD I got a rush from it. And that has to be a good sign for my choices in life, right?

In other cool news, I called the MN State Archaeologist to chit-chat about grad school. He's an adjunct prof at the U of MN and was amazingly helpful in understanding what makes a good CRM program and how important they are. :) Plus, I talked on the phone to the freaking State Archaeologist about my ~future.  It was awesome.

All in all, I am feeling wonderful.  I have a direction, a place I want to be, something I want to do with my life, at least for now.  It won't make me rich, but since when have I wanted that? All I want is to someday own a house and be financially independent. I want a two bedroom place so I can have an ~art studio, and I want a porch. That is all I want out of life. :)

Also, packing to go back to school. Crap. *wallows under boxes of shit*
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Friday in cubicle-land has brought a startling realization: I have two weeks of work left and only one more week with my boss, as he's attending a big-shot conference out of state. 

I assumed this would make me happy.  Last summer I was miserable and I only had 15 hour weeks.  By the time summer ended I was itching to get the hell out of dodge and back to... well last summer it was to Ireland. This time around I'm pulling 40 hours minimum... but... I kinda like it. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to return to college, get "normal" back, and enjoy my last year of care-free education. 

I have things to do, appointments to keep (silly dentists) (even sillier hair. Why must you grow?), people to see (ahhhh ;__;), and a life to re-pack.  Next year will be wonderful (I hope) and exciting (I know) and very sad because it will be the end of something.  We will all have matured dramatically since we've seen each other last, be it through abroad adventures or summer experiences or simply quiet realizations about who we are and what we're meant to do. And it will be wonderful.

And then the FUTURE will come and shit will go down.


I don't even know what the point of this post was. XD
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Been a while since I’ve updated.

News: Bought the tablet. It is beautiful. A full post on it will come later. Maybe. I promise nothing. ;) Because I’m lazy and forgetful in equal parts.

Big News: I have a full time summer job/internship! It’s with the Army Corps of Engineers working out of their regulatory branch. In human terms, I’m interning under their archaeologist who works on permits that might impact historic and culturally significant places. 

So far I have:

·       Had to fill out a truly astonishing amount of paperwork. Truly. Astonishing. They have my fingerprints on file in at least three locations. It’s borderline terrifying.

·       Completed vast sets of mandatory training, including a 3.5 hour PowerPoint session and corresponding exam on defensive driving

·       Read through several regulation books and am slowly gleaning an understanding of what the Corps does… very slowly.  Hint: there’s lots of paperwork ;)

o      Get a permit request for construction of some sort (mine, levee, power lines etc)

o      Figure out if anything historical or archaeological is going to get trashed, get the details, notify the right people, do the right paperwork

o      Try and mitigate or keep the trashing from happening with yet more paperwork and people (and estimate a time of 6 months to 5 years to process, loaded more on the shorter end of things than the long)

·       Visited a mining site up north, floundered about the woods with a gps I don’t know how to work and a compass that points to wherever the nearest iron deposit is (usually not north), met the tribal historic preservation officer for the project along with some other cool people, and saw moose tracks and poop! :D Woo! (managed not to step in the poo or see the moose, but I did see a coyote and a number of deer!)

·       Got an army email address as well as a Corps email address, have a work phone, a swipe card to let me access the building, and a CAC card which lets me access the servers. It has my fingerprints too. They don’t mess around here. XD

Dude. I’m working for the man. And the man pays well.

Bad news of all this is I have very little free time anymore. I work a normal full time shift and suddenly I understand why regular folks are so tired all the time. It’s hard to be an adult! And I only work 40 hours a week compared to the many more of most folks. Yeiks.  I leave the house at 6:40 and return at 5:00. M-F.  Not horrible as far as real jobs go, actually.  Unfortunately, that leaves little time for friends, little time for drawing, little time for much of anything, really. Welcome to the real world, I suppose. XD It’s a bit of an eye opener and a good one.

But yeah. I suppose that’s the extent of my news for the moment.

I’m off to quickly finish up my leveragexchange fic and send that in before the tomorrow deadline. :D


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